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Exchange Programme

At Woodward Singapore, we recognize that obtaining replacement parts is not always an option for our customers. When time constraints limit your service window we can provide reconditioned governors on an exchange-basis. We simply exchange your existing governor for a newly overhauled and tested unit from our stock; ensuring a replacement is there and ready to be fitted when you need it.

The exchange program is available for governors in a wide range of applications – for ships, refineries, power generators and more. Our exchange service is tailored for the marine industry, where we can shorten the turn-around even further by preparing exchange governors before the vessel arrives in port.

The entire process is fast, efficient and simple to manage.

Use our Exchange Program when:
  • A governor overhaul or repair is needed urgently but:
    • The service time window is small (e.g. during bunkering, container loading/unloading, etc)
    • The vessel calls into a port where governor service is unavailable
  • The current spare governor needs to be replaced with a newly reconditioned one.
Here’s how the Governor Exchange Program works:
  • Provide us with the key data of the governor needing to be replaced. This can be found on the unit itself. We require:
    • The model number (e.g. UG-8, NZ61, RHD-6, etc.)
    • The part number or designation number
    • The serial number
  • Let us know if your existing governor has a problem or, if because of time limited maintenance requirements, you simply need a fresh unit.
  • Our team will then prepares, calibrate, and test a newly overhauled governor to the same specifications, ready for delivery to you.
  • Once you receive this unit, simply send us your used governor. Should you need any further assistance from our service engineers to carry out the exchange just give us a call.
The advantages of the Exchange Program
  • Your cost is known and contained
  • System downtime is minimized
  • Avoids potentially lengthy delays while waiting for replacement parts
  • It’s an instant solution to any governor problem

For enquiries, e-mail us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or call 
+65 6779 2822

Please note: Although exchange governors are provided at a lump-sum price, there may be additional costs according to the type of governor or if the governor being replaced is beyond repair.

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