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Asset Management

Asset Management is a service provided by Woodward Singapore for the purpose of monitoring and maintaining your existing Woodward product. By knowing the location, history and use of every Woodward product at our customer sites, we can assist with advice on service intervals, spare parts holding, obsolescence issues, and up-grade requirements.

The features of the AMT include:
  • Life cycle analysis of each individual Woodward product
    • Updates on obsolete or near out-of-date products
    • Record keeping for service history
    • Advice on maintenance schedules
  • Recommendations on ideal management of spares inventory
    • Monitoring of spares availability
    • Planning for supply chain management
  • Updates on improvements to product lines
The advantages of the AMT include:
  • Accuracy in record keeping
  • Ensured availability of spares by prevention of existing parts falling into obsolescence
  • Optimal level of spares

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