easYgen-3000XT Series

Paralleling Genset Controllers for Diverse Applications

Woodward's easYgen-3000™ Series paralleling genset controllers provide exceptional versatility and value for OEM switchgear builders, generator packagers, and system integrators. The easYgen-3000 combines complete engine-generator control and protection with advanced, peer-to-peer paralleling functionality and innovative features in a robust, attractive and user-friendly package. Its integrated LogicsManager™ programmable logic functionality provides outstanding application flexibility and can often eliminate the need for additional PLC control, yet can easily integrate with SCADA or PLC-based control systems where desired.

The easYgen-3000 gives you the advantage of standardizing on a single, affordable genset controller for many different distributed power generation applications--from stand-alone emergency backup power to parallel load sharing of up to 32 gensets in complex, segmented distribution systems with multiple utility feeds and tie breakers.

Common easYgen 3000 applications

  • Emergency standby: data centers, hospitals, commercial and industrial facilities
  • Distributed Generation (DG): utility-dispatchable power for peak demand response
  • Islanded prime-power: oil & gas exploration, marine, remote villages, rental/mobile
  • Microgrid: military, government, net-zero communities, universities
  • Utility paralleling: peak shaving, demand curtailment
  • Cogeneration (CHP): wastewater treatment, biogas production/containment
  • Switchgear upgrades: generator control retrofit to add load sharing/paralleling capability

easYgen 3000 Features & Benefits

All easYgen-3000 Series models include these standard features:

  • True RMS voltage and current sensing (gen, bus and mains) for reduced susceptibility to harmonics
  • CAN network communication/control to engine ECU (standard SAE-J1939 protocol and several proprietary engine OEM protocols are supported)
  • Serial Modbus RTU (slave) communication for SCADA annunciation and external control
  • Configuration via PC/laptop with Woodward ToolKit service tool
  • Connectivity with the RP-3000 Remote Panel for complete annunciation, control and configuration of the easYgen-3000 controller, over CANopen protocol at up to 250m distance
  • Compliance agency/marine* approvals: CE, UL/cUL, CSA, GOST-R, ABS, Lloyd's Register
  • (* see marine package for further approvals)

The easYgen-3000 Series provide

  • AMF (automatic mains failure) detection, decoupling and emergency run with dead bus close
  • Automatic synchronization: phase-match, positive/negative slip-frequency, run-up (dead field) paralleling
  • Circuit breaker close/open control: GCB only, GCB and MCB (ATS function), or external (no) control
  • Proportional load sharing (isochronous or droop) of up to 32 gensets, regardless of individual size
  • Base loading, import/export control, asymmetrical loading (through external base load input)
  • Automatic load dependent start/stop for improved generation system efficiency
  • Asynchronous (induction) generator control
  • Engine and generator protection functions, with fully programmable settings


The easYgen-3000XT Series controllers are available in three base packages with three variants in each:

  • Door Mounted (plastic housing)
  • Back Panel Mounted (metal housing)
  • Low Ambient Temperature (plastic housing)

easYgen-3200XT-P1: This is the "Standard Paralleling" door-mounted front panel model suitable for isolated operation of a single genset or load sharing of up to 32 gensets in islanded and/or parallel operation with a single utility. The easYgen 3100XT-P1 is a back panel model housed in rugged metal without a display. A sophisticated touch screen remote panel (RP-3000XT) complements all easYgen-3000XT series products as an operator control panel. The easYgen-3200XT-P1-LT is designed to operate down to -40° C for outdoor applications.

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easYgen-3500XT-P1: The Package 1 "Complex Paralleling" door-mounted model includes all the features of the easYgen-3200XT-P1 variant plus provision for redundant Ethernet load share communication capability and connectivity to up to 16 Woodward LS-5 circuit breaker controls. This allows control of complex distribution systems having multiple utility feeds and tie breakers, and parallel load sharing of up to 32 generators on up to 32 different bus segments. Back panel mounting variant (easYgen-3400XT-P1) with remote panel support and low temperature variant (easYgen-3500XT-P1-LT) are also available. (XT Model to be released soon)

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easYgen-3500XT-P2: The Package 2 "Co-Gen/CHP" door-mounted model mimics the features of the easYgen-3500XT-P1 variant and offers an expanded onboard discrete and analog I/O set plus an expansion card slot for an additional interface/protocol. Back panel mounting variant (easYgen-3400XT-P2) with remote panel support and low temperature variant (easYgen-3500XT-P2-LT) are also available. (XT Model to be released soon)

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