2-breaker LS5 Controller

Multi-Breaker Control for complex power management applications

Woodward’s LS-5 Series are synchronizer controllers with integrated mains decoupling and protection features.

The applications range from independent synch check relay to complex power management relay with multiple utility feeds, bus tie breakers and group breakers in combination with Woodward’s easYgen-3400XT/3500XT equipped genset controllers.

Wiring efforts are reduced to a minimum, since only one CAN bus connection is required between all LS-5 and easYgen controllers to transmit AC measurement signals, I/O states, flags etc.
The LS-5x2 relays simplify the applications where load bus is served by a mains circuit breaker (MCB) and a generator group breaker (GGB).

It senses voltage and current, quantifies the synchronization parameters and transmits the signals via CAN bus to the easYgen-3400XT/3500XT genset controllers.

The two breakers control capability along with mains decoupling and protection features make it a perfect choice for transfer switch control under guidance of an external supervisory control.

The LS-5x2 is software selectable to be applied as an LS-5x1 thereby facilitating hardware standardization to OEM switchgear builders, generator packagers, and system integrators.  
The LS-5x2 Series is available in two different mounting styles. An LS-522 with a plastic housing and graphic LCD display is designed to be mounted on the cabinet’s front door. An LS-512 with an aluminum powder coated housing without display is designed to be back panel mounted.


  • Timed Soft Loading & Unloading transfer
  • Make before Break Transfer (Fast Closed Transfer)
  • Break before Make Transfer (Open Transfer)

 Technical Manual Download 

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 Application Example

2-breaker LS5 application diagram