Real‐time distributed input‐output (I/O) devices for turbomachinery controls


RTCnet™ is a rugged distributed I/O solution for use with Woodward turbine controls. It is the first distributed I/O that not only supports Woodward’s deterministic “rate- group”, real-time operation, but that is also fully synchronized with the main control processor. RTCnet offers Woodward customers all the benefits of MicroNet™ real-time performance in a distributed, compact solution.

RTCnet features redundant CAN communication ports for high availability in demanding turbomachinery applications. It can be used for high performance control loops where general purpose, asynchronous distributed I/O cannot.

RTCnet has an ultra -rugged, all metallic DIN-rail mount packaging suitable for skid mount and turbine enclosure installations. The lightweight packaging can sustain high vibration, 40 G shock, and a wide (–40 °C to +100 °C) temperature range. It is marine compliant (e.g., rated for high-humidity areas). It also has 500 V (ac) isolation to protect against damage due to wiring errors and to ensure reliable operation in the harshest EMC environments.