Battery Charger

BL18 – Power Supply and Battery Charging Unit


The BL18 is a versatile direct voltage supply unit t hat can be applied both, as battery charger and as stabilized power pack supply unit. If applied as battery charger, the BL18 serves to ei ther charge or to maintain closed or gas-proof 24 V lead-acid batteries in full charge condition by providing the facility to simultaneously supply consumers with DC cur-rent (parallel operation). W hen the BL18 is operated in parallel with a bat- tery or with another consumer and the battery has to be disconnected, e.g. for maintenance or ex- change, the supply of this consumer will be backed- up to the battery charger’s nominal capacity.

Thanks to the unit’s short-circuit capacity, it must not be switched off in case of short-circuit type occurrence, such as e.g. start of a Diesel engine or similar situations.

As stabilized power pack supply unit, the BL18 supp lies connected consumers with a stabilized DC voltage that can be adjusted within a r ange of 24V to 27.5 V and/or 12 V to 24 V