Liquid Shutoff Valve


The Liquid Shutoff Valve is a three-way valve designed to rapidly shut off all liquid fuel flow and prevent leakage to the turbine. In the de-energized state, the valve diverts inlet flow to bypass ports, preventing pressure damage to positive displacement fluid systems.

Normal installation of the 21.5 pound (9.8 kg) valve is in the fuel line between the fuel regulating valve and the turbine.

The valve diverts flow from the discharge to bypass ports anytime the operating electrical signal is lost. The valve is available in four voltage configurations.

The valve is designed for a normal operating supply pressure of up to 1200 psig (8274 kPa) and has a rated flow of 30 000 lb/h (13 600 kg/h) (based on US MIL-C- 7024 calibrating fluid at 70 °F/21 °C).