Woodward Industrial Turbine Fuel Control Valves

Gas Fuel Shutoff Valves for Gas Turbines

GSOV25 Gas Shutoff Valve

Woodward’s Gas Shutoff Valve (GSOV) platform provides high speed fuel shutoff for emergency and normal shutdown of industrial gas turbines. The valve operates at pressures up to 900 psia (6.2 Mpa) and, with its all stainless steel construction, assures availability of the valve under all operating conditions. The valve design allows minimum pressure drop by utilizing a straight through flow. This also keeps all critical moving parts and seals out of the flow stream.

The GSOV uses line pressure as the primary motive force. A three-way electric solenoid (either 24VDC or 125VDC) acts on an internal piston/spring assembly to operate the valve. Failsafe operation is assured, since the valve is closed when trip voltage is absent.

High temperature and high reverse differential pressure options are available, as required.