Electric Liquid Fuel Valve


Woodward’s ELV electric liquid fuel valve is a small, liquid fuel-metering valve with an all-electric actuator to control the fuel flow to be supplied to a small industrial gas turbine.

The ELV controls the actuator proportiona lly to a 4–20 mA or 20–160 mA signal from a Woodward electronic control.

The ELV does not need the conventional lin kage system between an actuator and a fuel-metering valve due to incorporation of an actuator and a valve. Applying an electric actuator eliminates an oil-pump -driving-gear system and hydraulic circuits, and this helps the designer cut the cost of a control system. If an electric control that accepts a 4–20 mA CDP signal is used, t he ELV’s flow schedule will be changeable based on this signal.

Users can standardize the fuel valve by using the ELV because the ELV can control various gas turbines with different flow schedules by controlling each turbine’s acceleration fuel schedule with an electric control.