L Series Valves

Position Controller


The L-Series Position Controller provides a building block approach to total engine management. The microprocessor-based bi-directional actuator design easily attaches to fuel pumps, mixers, or throttle bodies.


The L-Series Position Controller accepts a position command and drives the 0–60 degree output shaft to the commanded position based on an internal shaft position sensor. The high-efficiency torque motor delivers 0.34 N*m (0.25 lb-ft) nominally over 60° travel range to operate fuel or air control devices (see specifications for torque performance over the full product temperature range).

The L-Series Position Controller accepts either a PWM, 0–5 V, or CAN command for output positioning. The command signals are issued by the appropriate supervisory engine management system, and the L-Series must be set up properly in software to expect the correct signal for the application.

For status purposes, a relay driver output is available on the L-Series control which changes state whenever a fault or error condition is experienced by the controller.

The L-Series provides a direct position output signal in the form of a dc voltage if required by the system. The throttle position (TPS) output represents full counterclockwise-to-clockwise rotation of the actuator shaft, and thus gives the operator an external position indication. Besides the traditional bracket mount using external linkage, the L-Series control is available in a variety of mechanical configurations, including integration with diesel fuel pumps, throttle bodies, and mixers (product spec 03222). The shaft rotation can be configured for clockwise or counterclockwise rotation for increasing fuel. For information on Woodward throttle body applications, refer to manual 26249 (ITB and LC-50).

Woodward offers optional mounting kits for Stanadyne DB-series or Delphi fuel injection pumps, providing an integrated control solution. Woodward also offers L-Series actuator versions for Speed Control (manual 26250) and Process Control (manual 26251), like Air/Fuel Ratio control, applications.

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