Proact ITB

Integrated Actuator and Throttle Body for large bores (85 mm to 180 mm)


The ProActâ„¢ Integrated Throttle Bodies (ProAct ITBs) are butterfly valves electrically actuated by ProAct actuator s to control flow output. With bore sizes ranging from 85 mm to 180 mm, these ProAct ITBs are designed for use with engines in the 1 MW to 2 MW range. This is an electromagnetic actuator with 75 degrees of travel, which alleviates the problems associated with linkages on gas engines (such as setup, non-linearity, and wear).

This direct combination of throttle and ac tuator results in excellent stability and transient characteristics, and requires no hydraulics, pneumatics, or governor gear train. Therefore, you end up with an efficient, long lasting, and easily-installed throttle option.


The ProAct ITB integrated actuator and th rottle body is designed to throttle air or air/fuel for gaseous engines. This system is designed for direct replacement of traditional throttle valves, and requires no linkage between valve and actuator. The three sizes are designed to cover a wide range of engines and should be selected using the sizing procedure described inside this specification.