Woodward Electronic Controls

Electronic Controls for Industrial Turbines and Compressors

MicroNet™ Digital Control Platform

Woodward’s MicroNet™ programmable control is applied on any prime mover and its processes including sequencing, surge, vibration, station/high speed system control and monitoring. The MicroNet digital control is available in both simplex and triple modular redundant (TMR) configurations.

Upgrade: MicroNet™ Plus

In 2005, Woodward released the MicroNet Plus platform which includes a high-power CPU module with expanded communication capability. With four times more processing power, the MicroNet-Plus CPU modules incorporate additional functionality. In addition, several I/O modules have also been redesigned to provide more capability and density.

As an independent company, Woodward and its partners are able to provide full-service, support, and upgrades. Woodward takes great pride in customer support and continues to support fielded products for as long as parts are available. When upgrades are required, Woodward’s OEM and Channel Partners are able to provide upgrade services on all controls.

Through standardization and attention to software evolution, Woodward’s partners can adapt 1990’s software to today’s advanced control platforms with minimal or no changes required. Our world class software environment allows for updates to be done in GAP or imported as single blocks from other commonly used software environments including Matlab, C++, etc.

Maximising MicroNet Reliability & Availability Module Validation Program

PM Control is a Woodward Licensed Test Facility (LTF) for the MicroNet Module Validation Program (MVP) for Woodward MicroNet Plus and MicroNet Plus TMR modules. The modules are verified to original factory specifications and give end users the confidence that critical control modules operate to Woodward factory specifications.

Periodic validation test of spare and in-operation modules will ensure that the modules are "ready for use" at any time, enhancing system availability and continuity of production.

Non conforming cards can be promptly replaced by a new unit from Woodward.
PM Control can give expert advice on any pending obsolescence.