2301E Load Sharing Speed Controller

The Woodward 2301E provides load sharing and speed control of generators being driven by diesel or gaseous engines.
With the flexible configuration software incorporated in the 2301E hardware, application variations can now be selected using an external computer (PC). Changing the application to accommodate engine speed range, gear teeth,
and selection of forward or reverse acting is a matter of software setup.

The 2301E is capable of communicating using a Modbus® RTU protocol, functioning as a Modbus slave device, via RS-422 drivers.

Four Operating Modes

Speed Control
Has multiple dynamics flexibility. Will work on pumps or compressors. Has capability for remote 4–20 mA speed reference through a configurable analog input.

Isochronous Load Sharing
Is compatible with most existing analog load sharing speed control systems. Now with soft load and unload capability.

Droop Base Load
Adjustable load control using discrete raise and lower contacts.

Isochronous Base Load
Provides constant load level operation against a utility bus. The load setting may be fixed or changed using discrete raise and lower inputs, or a remote 4–20 mA input.