DYNA Actuator

Linear actuators for small engine control

DYNA 2000 and DYNA 2500 linear actuators provide precise positioning with a minimal number of moving parts. Many of the moving parts normally associated with electric actuators are eliminated, prolonging the mean time between failure.

These DYNA actuators are suitable for installation on diesel, gasoline, or natural gas engines with fuel system force requirements of less than 13 pounds (58 N) of force. When paired with a Woodward controller, precise isochronous speed control of 5 to 30 HP engines (DYNA 2000) and 5 to 60 HP engines (DYNA 2500) is achieved.

Both actuators are easy to install by mounting near the fuel system and direct connecting to the fuel control rod or lever. In most installations, the normal rotary-to-rotary connection is eliminated, resulting in a more trouble-free and accurate control system.